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Every great idea needs a great domain name, and for Pakistani startups, there are a lot of great dot pk names available. These still available domain names are short, easy to spell, and half the price of a global COM domain.

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NATIVITY is your soul, and .PK is your prima facie at the national and international levels. Make your impression by registering your business with PK Domain Extension. PK website names speak for the originality and reliability of your products and services for your local and global customers. Strengthen your customer relationship by reaching them through a professional image.

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PK Domain Registration Services 

Your PK website name is the identity of your local business. It’s a great opportunity for local as well as international brands and companies who want to grab Pakistani consumers.

Once your PK registration is complete, your brand or company will be able to share localized information of your products and services.

PKNIC History

Dot PK domains come under the category of ccTLD. It is the Internet country code designated to the country; Pakistan. Pakistan Network Information Center (PKNIC) is a non-profit organization established in 1992, responsible for registering all the extensions for Pakistani Domains . PKNIC is accredited by ICANN (the world domain name authority) to handle domain operations for PK websites.

To your surprise, in 2011, an extension in the local language پاکستان.ICANN Board was also approved. The same year was delegated to National Telecommunication Corporation, but the root zone was added to the root servers in 2017.


We sale PK domain names from PKNIC
We sale PK domain names from PKNIC

PK General Extension

Any individual can register these domains without any specific documentation; these include



Just PK, the shortest and most popular

It was launched years after the third-level domain, but it is gaining popularity more than any extension, as it is shorter and more generic.

PK Special domain names

These names are reserved for institutes, companies, and education. To register any of these domains will need documentation.

Government and Military

PKNIC does not charge for the registration of domains used by the government. Still, a letter from the department head is required, along with other authenticated documentation, to register these domains.