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A hosting service that operates on Windows Operating System. It is useful in providing an application to multiple people on the same data at the same time. It helps you to stay available 24/7. It comes with an easy-to-use Plesk Control Panel that helps you manage multiple websites and domains, set up email accounts and manage reseller accounts. It is also compatible with the CMS like WordPress. The Plesk control panel adds more functionality and increases the security of a website. 

Linux and Windows are two types of web hosting. Linux hosting is slightly more popular and it uses custom software and supports most programming languages. On the other hand, Windows hosting uses Microsoft software. Windows dedicated servers provide additional Window-specific applications. 

If you are using a shared hosting environment, it is not necessary for you to use Windows hosting. But it will be optimal and provides all the functions required by websites in general. But if you want MS-SQL database, ASP.NET or .NET core on your website then you must use a Windows hosting.

No. ASP.NET websites can run on both Linux and Windows equally well. But the Windows hosting is preferred because it provides SQL server to help in hosting your website in the beginning.

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