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.pk is a ccTLD (country code Top-Level domain) designated particularly to the businesses and websites in Pakistan. Although, you can use any available domain extension you like. The market has been flooded with .com and .net domain names, and almost all the common-use words are already registered. cctlds are the option to go for local business owners and users. By the end of March 2021, more than 156.5 million ccTLDs domains were registered. ICANN is the organization responsible for releasing and managing new domain extensions. PKNIC is the only organization endorsed by the Government of Pakistan to manage the .pk domain names. But what are the secrets of ccTLDs like dot PK. Let us discuss them below in detail:


Customer’s Loyalty

As mentioned above, PK domain extension is specified for Pakistan only; therefore, whenever a customer from Pakistan comes across a domain name with .pk at the end, he will instantly recognize it and feel a sense of brotherhood with the owner because of the same nationality. Creating a sense among your audience that you share the same locality as them creates a sense of trust between you and them. Hence, you can benefit from this unseen relationship and grow your business within Pakistan.


Help in Targeting Audience

When you use a .pk extension, the search engines like Google and Yahoo immediately know your region and help your target audience from your country more. Your site will be ranked above the rest of the sites when anyone from Pakistan searches for something related to your products or services. 


Easily Available

Since the online market is filled with .com, .net, and .org domain names, getting your domain name with those extensions has become very difficult. Moreover, the trends are shifting to the new ccTLDs and gTLDs. As .pk is designated to Pakistan, it is better to register with them before they become exhausted as well.


Register a couple of Domain names and Extensions

You might not be a big business, but if you have planned on extending your business in the future, you should register domain names similar to your company name in advance so that no one else takes them away from you. PK domain extensions are not expensive and would be easy on your pocket. For example, you have a food business with and register as well. 


Keep it Short

As PK is a short extension and people immediately recognize the nationality of your business, it is advisable to use a short domain name so that people can remember it easily. So get creative and make a catchy combination of domain names and PK domain that stays in your audience’s mind. It will push people to think about your brand whenever anything related to it pops up. And this is what you need to grow.


Cheap Domain Extension

.pk is a pocket-friendly domain extension and suits all types of business. Both the beginners and large corporation holders can equally benefit from it. When starting a business, either online or with a physical presence, you are hit by several expenses on your way toward success. Save from wherever you can. The .pk domain extensions start from as low as 2500 for two years. Therefore, avail yourself of the opportunity and register your brand with PK domain extension. This is less than half the price compared to a COM/NET domain.


Local Support

Let us see this with an example. Imagine you are out and about, and suddenly, you come across alumni of the same school you graduated from. You will likely try to talk to them, reminisce about older days, and buy from their shop. The same is the case here. In the digital world, where people lack physical connection and in-person communication, seeing someone from your motherland is enough for them to be inclined toward your business. In this way, you can gather massive local support, which is fruitful for your business.


Same Time Zone

The search engines help you target an audience from Pakistan because of the dot pk extension that you have used; you can reach out to people without worrying about the time difference, which is a major concern when getting traffic from around the world. 


Easy Communication

The sense of brotherhood and trust will make it easier for you and your customer to communicate without hesitation. Being from the same origin and communicating prevents people from getting nervous. It is better for you and your audience. Since communication is the key to a healthy and successful business, you will have fruitful outcomes indubitably when you are able to communicate with your clients with confidence and ease.


Increased Reliability

.pk domain extension will make people trust you and your business or products. They will be less hesitant replying to you because of sharing the same motherland. It can help you expand your business and establish a trusting relationship with your clients. They will not feel the language barrier and seek out you in case of an issue, subsequently providing you with a chance for improvement. 


There are many advantages of using the .pk domain extension. Improving your relationship with clients and providing chances for growth are the top among them. They are pocket friendly and benefit newcomers and old runners. So jump on the opportunity before these extensions become unavailable.

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