Transfer Ownership

If you own and operate a .PK domain and want to change the ownership or transfer your domain to another name. PKNIC does not provide any automated solution for these situations.

Please contact us by filling the form below. Our professional negotiator will contact you after checking the possibilities of change of ownership of your domain name with PKNIC. 

The domain registrant records are locked by default by PKNIC to prevent unauthorized transfers. A set of documentation and affidavits are required in some cases.



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Ownership transfer process

Transfer of ownership for PK domains starts with written consent from the current owner in the form of an authority letter (for companies) and an affidavit (for individuals)

For Companies

If a company/organization owns the domain, the following information is required



 If required, a Sample Affidavit Format can be downloaded here.

For Individuals

If the domain registrant/owner is an individual, the following is required: An affidavit in a proper format, specifying the factual position, claim, and explanation, attested by an oath commissioner/notary public with a stamp worth Rs. 100. The purpose and details of the change should also be stated in the affidavit.

A Sample Affidavit Letter can be downloaded here

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