Renew your PK domains (All extensions) at discounted price

If you own a PK domain, You can renew your domain name with us at a discounted price.

Even if you have registered through a different service provider; or direct from PKNIC, you can count on us for renewal at a better price and more responsive and personalized support. Start by entering your domain name in the right form, and we will get back to you. Benefits

Pay your fee in advance and get a bonus for unlimited domain modification requests.

Get renewal reminders in emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and through phone.

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PK Domain Renewal: What You Need to Know

When your PK domain name is nearing its expiration date, it must be renewed to continue functioning properly. It’s important to renew your PK domain before it expires, as failure can result in the domain becoming inactive and potentially being purchased by another party. We send reminders to the domain owner before the expiration date.

Please note that renewing your PK domain from the same provider who registered initially is not necessary. Any PKNIC partner can renew a PK domain no matter where it was originally registered.


Frequently Asked Questions

For How many years can one renew the PK domain?

The minimum renewal period for a PK domain name is two years, and the maximum is ten years. But renewal can be done in increments of two years, i.e., you can renew for two, four, six, eight, or ten years.

Why is it so important to renew the PK domain before its expiry date

It's important to note that the registrant must renew their domain name before it expires to avoid any service interruption. Once it expires, it might take up to 48 hours for your site to become accessible worldwide. If the PK domain is not renewed for an extended period, it is released, and you no longer remain the domain name's owner. Good domain names are auctioned, and the rest are available to the general public for re-registration.

How do I check the renewal date for my domain?

You can check the expiry with your registration provider, which is most likely one of PKNIC’s resellers. If you do not have access to your account with your provider, you can simply go to the website. And search your domain on the main page using the domain lookup area.

The results will show the expiry date below.

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