Three reasons to register .pk domain Name

If you are still confused about whether to start your online store with a name ending with .com or a .pk, here are three points that will help you make the decision. And we are sure you will choose a “” after reading this.

Google Loves PK domain for Pakistan based Business

.PK is an internet domain extension dedicated to people and businesses in Pakistan and representing Pakistan. And so google prefers domains websites with .pk extension in its search results. So when you make your business website with a .pk extension instead of a .com, and your business address from a Pakistani city, google increases its rank. And people searching your business from Pakistan or with a reference of Pakistan find you more easily.

Greater Availability and Shorter memorable names

.com webspace is overpopulated. More than half of all websites you find on the internet use the .com domain. And so all the good names are taken, including all short numbers and all dictionary words. The chances of finding a .com domain name that matches your business are very thin. If you go for a .pk domain, you might find a very good website name.

Save Money

.com prices have been on a hike for many years; at least 1$ increase every year. Whereas .pk prices are very stable, thanks to PKNIC (the organization behind the .pk cyber namespace)
A PK Domain name costs Rs. 2400 (13$) from “” and 2500 or more (14$ or more) from other providers, which is for two years. Whereas .com is 2000 (11$ approximately) for one year, so for two years it would be 4000 PKR or 22$. So when you go with the .pk domain, it is Rs. 1600 savings based on prices as of Feb 2022.

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