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If you own a .PK domain, don’t just get it away. You can renew your domain name with us. If you want to change the ownership of your already registered domain, or simply want to give it to someone, you can contact us.

You might have registered it through a different service provider, no matter, just start off by entering your domain name for renewal

If you own a pk domain ever, you can renew it with us (it does not matter if you have registered through a different provider).

Contact our domain registration, experts for renewal and change of ownership 24/7/365.

Renewal Term 2,4,6,8, or 10 years

Renewal Fee PKR 2000/2 years more

Terms & Conditions

Get your domain renewed just for the original fee, with no hidden and recurring maintenance charges.

Pay your fee in advance and get a bonus of unlimited domain modification requests.

Reminder from PKNIC at your authentic email ID as per latest record of your domain name registration.

Please remember payment reminder is an automated service, and if by any chance you do not receive any reminder or invoice, it will not be considered a valid reason for a delay in payments.

Non-payments within due date result in the deactivation of your domain name by PKNIC. The expired domains are offered to third party potential buyers on first come first served basis after the expiry of mandatory hold period of 02 weeks.

You can get your domain name reactivated within the hold period after making the due payments.

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